Our history begins in 1979, when AM Printing was opened to get Sandy a job. A budding young photographer, he set off to explore his passion taking 20 years for himself before coming back to AM Printing. Now with Sue, AM Printing wasn’t a big enough business to support both Sandy and Sue. The pair were approached by a friend who was looking to sell a monogramming machine. As they did not have the money to purchase out right, the friend loaned the machine to Sandy and Sue until they were able to pay off the machine. 

Sue was doing monogramming 2 days a week which quickly turned into 7 days a week requiring the purchase of a second machine. AM Printing expanded services into the printing of clothing and other materials but they need to expand. A leading workwear franchise came along and pitched the idea of becoming a franchisee, and seeing the benefit they joined and expanded into selling a lot of other products in the workwear space. Things eventually fell out of touch and so with a relocation across the road to a fairly large store, the biggest supplier of workwear and safety in Tamworth became Monogram IT.

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